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Laurimar Support

Local Computer Technicians Having local technicians that reside in Laurimar allows us to provide a convenient and efficient service to the local residents.

After Hours We also provide technical support outside of business hours for your convenience at no extra cost.

Virus Removal The majority of computer repairs are virus related and even when cleaned performance of the computer can still be an issue. In these cases we perform the following measures to make sure the computer will be up to speed once again. We like to offer our suggestions so that a repeat visit for the same issue is extremely unlikely.

The most effective solution is to create a full backup of the computer using imaging software which allows us to roll back the machine at any time. Completely wipe and Install the operating system with renowned Virus prevention programs before restoring all of the data. Your data is our main priority so we make sure this is safe before performing a clean install. Call or use our contact page for pricing and other queries.

Microsoft Certified

Microsoft Certified Professionals are at your disposal so we can also meet all business needs whether you require exchange servers, advanced networking configurations or to design the perfect IT infrastructure we have you completely covered.

Maintenance Contracts We are strong believers that preventative measures taken on a regular basis is what keeps a business fully functional especially when you have a good disaster recovery plan in place. So we offer maintenance contracts that allow us to stay on top of your business infrastructure and pre-empt any such disasters before they become a problem. This also ends up being a huge saving once everything is in order compared to the ad-hoc approach.

Apple Macs We also provide Apple Mac support for Servers, Desktops, Notebooks, iPhone & iPads. We provide imaging solutions for easy roll backs if your Mac runs into trouble. We can support syncing of mobile products with, Exchange or iCloud and recover deleted data even if the drive has been formatted we are likely to find what you are looking for.

Data Recovery

Lost critical data?

If you have accidentally deleted or formatted a hard disk, we can recover your data. The less you do on your computer once you have realised whats happened the more chance we have of recovering your lost data.

Hard disk failure?

If your hard disk is making clicking noises or is simply no longer showing in your system anymore. The recovery process can become somewhat more difficult but not impossible. We can provide these professional services at a much lower cost than all of the renowned Australian companies can. The process for fixing faulty hard disk hardware is a difficult one and requires a completely dust free environment for this service to be performed. A list of these services and pricing will be available soon.

to enquire please call 1300 211 770.