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Pickup & Delivery

Local Computer Technicians Having local technicians that reside in Laurimar allows us to provide a convenient and efficient service to the local residents.

After Hours We also provide technical support outside of business hours for your convenience at no extra cost.

Virus Removal The majority of computer repairs are virus related and even when cleaned performance of the computer can still be an issue. In these cases we perform the following measures to make sure the computer will be up to speed once again. We like to offer our suggestions so that a repeat visit for the same issue is extremely unlikely.

The most effective solution is to create a full backup of the computer using imaging software which allows us to roll back the machine at any time. Completely wipe and Install the operating system with renowned Virus prevention programs before restoring all of the data. Your data is our main priority so we make sure this is safe before performing a clean install. Call or use our contact page for pricing and other queries.

Loan Machines

Repairs taking too long? If the repair of your computer is likely to take longer than expected we can provide you with a loan machine free of charge should you be in urgent need of one whilst we repair the faults.

Onsite setup: We setup the loan machine on site for you as a free service assuming you do not need any further software or configuration required for the setup. If you require software, printers or any other type of installation then our normal rates apply.

Personal data on loan machines: All data put onto the loan machines will be the responsibility of the person or persons who are loaning the computer. This person will need to backup their data before we return it to base. Once we have the machine back it will be formatted and re-imaged to prepare for the next customer that may be in need. Our loan machines are perfectly suited to todays standard of computers.

As it stands these services are only available to the residents of Doreen & Mernda.