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Web Hosting

Australian Webhosting: Unlike most other countries around the world our hosting is not overly saturated simply due to the population in Australia. This means that our webhosting servers will be much quicker than using hosting abroad. It's also very handy to have support from senior technicians during Australian business hours if necessary.

Package Options: We have many packages available but have decided to minimize the options to simplify the process for those that or not too familiar. We can provide hosting for those looking to simply have an email domain setup so that you can be emailed at for that professional look. For pricing please goto the Hosting Page. We provide complete webhosting packages with CPanel access to make setting up email accounts and websites an absolute breeze. Of course we are happy to assist in this process to help you get on your feet quickly.

Cheaper Hosting: If you are looking for cheaper hosting than whats available on our website we can also arrange for shared hosting or hosting abroad. Please email us for more details if this option is more suited to you.

Domain Registrations

Get the Competitive Edge: Register your domain and give your business that professional presence thats required to give your business the edge againt your competitors.

Registering Your Domain: Try to register a domain name thats similar to your business name. Check for similar names to your business that may compete or may reflect poorly on your business and choose wisely. Check for availability of your choice of domain by clicking here. All .au domain registrations and renewals require a 2 year registration. If you register with us it will cost you $30 for 2 years. All renewals are also priced at $30 for 2 years. Check our pricing for domain registrations and renewals here.

Valid Characters: English-language letters A -Z and the digits 0 - 9. Hyphens (-) may also be used eg: Domains cannot start or end in a hyphen or have two hyphens consecutively. Spaces and special characters (such as !, $, etc.) cannot be used. Domain names aren't case sensitive, so you can advertise yours in upper or lower case or a combination.


Telecoms & CCTV

CCTV Services TBC: A whole range of CCTV services will be available around spring of 2012. We are negotiating pricing with specific products in order to bring you the best deals possible.

Business Telecom Solutions: If you are looking for a telecoms solution to simplify all of your bills and save on cost then look no further. We have partnered with a fast growing Australian telecoms company based in Melbourne that have amazing solutions for any business requirement. Combine the land line, Telstra Mobile, Optus Mobile, your partners mobile and even your tablet devices using 3G/4G into one easy to read phone bill. The scope of this system can be expanded as far as you want to go with it.

PSTN, ISDN2 & ISDN 10/20/30 solutions, Nationwide ADSL & ADSL2 coverage. Business grade internet available at more than 1700 exchanges. Multi-award winning member support team.

To enquire about these services please contact us and we will arrange a call-back to see how much you can save.